We Can Help You Sell House Now Indianapolis – Sell Direct To An Investor

Are you thinking about selling your home any time soon? Do you need to get that home sold in the shortest time possible? Whatever reason you want to sell your home for, it might be worth selling your home direct to an investor for cash.

And there are many reasons why you should sell your home to Ittenbach Capital, a professional home buying company with the knowledge and experience to ensure a successful outcome and a positive experience.

Sell Home Now Indianapolis & How We Can Assist:

No Longer Worry About Sales Falling Through

sell home now in Indianapolis
We Can Help You Sell House Now Indianapolis – Sell Direct To An Investor

When you are looking to sell your home, cash helps eliminate the possibility of a sale falling through because of insufficient or improper financing.

Once you receive a cash offer, there are no last-minute pullouts like you could probably experience with the traditional process of selling your home.

As we are all aware, the traditional sales process could take anywhere from two weeks to several months, and as you might guess, a lot could happen within this period.

Therefore, there is a higher chance that something will negatively affect your sale and make it fall through, whether it’s because of financing or otherwise.

Selling your home to us virtually gets rid of this possibility since our process will typically close in less than a week.

Avoid The Middle Man – We Can Help You Sell House Now Indianapolis – Sell Direct To An Investor

If you have used the traditional home selling process, you can confirm that hiring an agent is one of the things you must do for a successful sale.

However, the truth is that agents not only complicate the home selling process but also charge a fee or take a commission for their service.

Who wants to part with a fee for the sale of their own home if they have the option not to? When you approach us to sell, you immediately cut out the need for a broker.

And this means that you get to keep all the cash earned from the proceeds of your sale.

Don’t Worry About Upgrading Your Home or Making Costly Repairs. We Prefer A House That Needs A Little TLC.

If your home isn’t in top condition and requires numerous repairs, the chances are that it is not suitable for the open market.

In most cases, you might need to fix your home up in order to sell it, and this probably means that you will spend several thousand dollars to get a top dollar sale. Besides being resource intensive and risky, the repair process could take months to pay off.

Instead of having to worry about repairs and spending money on a piece of property you intend to sell, after all, you could sell to us and not perform any repairs or upgrades.

Get Paid Fast

When you sell your home to us, you will walk away with one assurance; that you’ll get paid fast.

Our sales process could be closed in a few days compared to the traditional method which could take months.

Once we provide you with a no-obligation offer, you can decide whether to reject or accept it.

After that, you sign the sales contract and, close the deal, and we will pay you within days.

Your sell home now Indianapolis process no longer has to be complicated or drawn out.

Contact us today and we will get things going. We Can Help You Sell House Now Indianapolis – Sell Direct To An Investor

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