About Ittenbach Capital

Hi, I’m Tim Ittenbach and I buy houses with cash in Central Indiana, Columbus, OH, Fort Wayne, IN, Fort Meyers, FL and Kansas City, MO.

If you want to sell a house sooner rather than later, then I’m your guy. Because I can buy your house with cash.

I don’t need to go to a bank and beg them to give me a loan. Asking a bank for money can take months! I have shortened that entire process by taking the bank out of it.

I don’t have to go to a bank to get money because I have cash ready and waiting.

If you call me today, I can give you a written offer to buy your house for all cash. Then we could close as soon as next week.

Imagine that you are walking away from your closing next week with cash in your pocket and your house sold. Wouldn’t that feel amazing?

Well, that’s what I do for people who want to sell property around Indianapolis.

I would like to talk to you about your house. Most of the houses that I buy need some fixing, painting, or other projects. And that’s OK with me.

So please do not feel that you have to clean up or fix things before you call me.

Frankly, I have funds ready now. And I’d like to find another house to buy.

It does not matter to me why you want to sell your house soon. You may be behind in payments. You may have inherited a house that you don’t need and just want to sell it for cash. You may have rental property, and you’re tired of dealing with tenants. I have bought houses from many people in different situations. And that’s OK.

So if you want to sell your house soon, find your cell phone and call me now at (317) 731-2540.

After you call me, I can take care of all the small details. I can schedule a closing at the title company. The title company will do all the paperwork for us. My crews will clean and fix things after closing so you don’t have to.

All you have to do is call me now, and show up to closing and pick up your cash.

To learn more about Ittenbach Capital check us out on Facebook or review customer testimonials on our Better Business Bureau profile page.

So Grab Your Cell And Dial (317) 731-2540


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