Selling Your Home in Brownsburg, Indiana

Ittenbach Capital is here to answer the question you’ve been asking yourself: “How do I sell my house in Brownsburg, Indiana?” We’ll help you sell your house fast for cash in Brownsburg, IN by purchasing your home directly from you, regardless of its current condition. We don’t mind if your house needs a few cosmetic upgrades, major repairs, or a complete overhaul. We’re well-aware of the stressors that come with a house that seems to be more of a money pit than a home, and we want to lift that burden from you. We help you sell your house fast in Brownsburg by buying your house in cash. To further reduce stress, we usually cover all of the closing costs.  This is how our house selling process works:

  • First, we’ll need you to provide us with some basic details about your home.
  • We’ll make sure your house meets our buying criteria.
  • Once your home meets our criteria, we’ll make you a cash offer.
  • You will have the cash for your home at closing.

If you find yourself getting swallowed up in overdue mortgage payments, facing foreclosure, or simply can’t afford to keep repairing your home, fill out our online form and let us help you today!