We Buy Houses For Cash – What To Do After A House Flood

Buy houses for cashA flooded house poses a significant threat to your health and safety. It’s also a threat to the condition of your furniture and other possessions.

Whether flooding was caused by an unexpected storm or a burst pipe, it can devastate your property and leave everything damaged.

In some cases, you can take measures to prevent flooding in your home. Sadly, that’s not always the case.

Sometimes, a burst pipe in the middle of the night leaves you little time to do anything but get yourself out of the flooded home and call a plumber or deal with the problem later.

In the aftermath of a flooded, there are things to do to help salvage the situation. They include:

1. Turn Off Power & Water & Gas Supply

The first thing you must do after a flood is to turn off utilities, including power, gas and main shutoff valve.

Even if you don’t think that there are damaged utilities, make sure you turn everything off.

Water could curry electrical current and spark a fire if you neglect to turn off your gas. Also, if the flooding was a result of a burst pipe, it makes sense to turn off the main shutoff valve.

2. Ventilate The House

Working in a flooded and poorly ventilated space is terrible news for your health. Open all the windows to get rid off odors, microbes, and bacteria.

Also, proper ventilation makes it possible for you to get to work.

3. Inspect Furniture

So you’ve turned off utilities and ventilated the house, the next thing you’ll want to do is to inspect your possessions including your furniture.

An inspection will help you know which items can be salvaged and which objects to discard. When checking items, consider the cost as well as the sentimental value.

Make sure you set aside things that are impossible to salvage for insurance purposes. After your evaluation, move furniture to a dry spot to dry.

However, you might want to consider professional cleaning services to make sure you won’t have to deal with bacteria and mold issues in the future.

4. Start Repairing

After you’ve removed furniture out of the way, get to work and remove flood deposits before you repair.

Get rid of mad, sediments or any other form of accumulation. Cleaning a house after a flood is not only daunting but also quite risky.

You might want to hire an expert for this one.

5. Sell Your House For Cash

Flooded homes are tricky, but you don’t necessarily have to deal with them. We buy houses for cash, including flooded homes.

When you sell your flood-damaged property, you stand a chance of saving yourself the headaches of hiring plumbers, salvaging furniture and repairs.

At Ittenbach Capital, we buy houses for cash throughout Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, and Florida regardless of the condition.

But what does that mean? It means your we are interested in unwanted properties and your flooded home is perfect for us.

You don’t have to expose yourself to hazardous conditions, call us!

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