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Working With A Real Estate Investor. Beyond A Cash Offer.

Working With A Real Estate Investor. Beyond A Cash Offer.  When thinking about real estate investors in Indianapolis that buy houses, the first thing that usually comes to mind is a cash offer and a fast close. But a good real estate company goes beyond the cash offer, providing a host of solutions designed to … Continued

Traditional Buyers Versus Real Estate Investors

When you decide to sell your house, there are 3 pathways to choose: 1) Selling it through a realtor, 2) For sale by owner, and 3) Selling directly through an investor.  If you choose either of the first 2 routes, odds are good that the buyers you will attract are planning to live in the … Continued

Sell my house fast

Vacant House Keeping You Up At Night?

Do you have a vacant house you need to sell fast? There are several scenarios in which you might find yourself the owner of a vacant house.  Did you inherit the house after the passing of a loved one? Did tenants move out of your rental property leaving it in need of repairs before it can … Continued